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Greetings From The Vermont Running Company!

Hello there! The Vermont Running Company is here to help connect runners in Vermont with each other, with races & events, and with any other opportunities there might be to get outside and put all of that running fitness to use. 

On these pages you can expect to see mostly running related content, but we will also venture into the worlds of fastpacking and fitness uphilling/skimo (skinning uphill on skis). 

If you’re interested in getting involved please reach out to us at info@vermontrunningcompany.com to discuss how we might work together to enhance the experience for all runners here in Vermont.

Recent Blog Posts

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2018 Salomon S/Lab Ultra (S/Lab Sense Ultra 2) Update 4/21/18: Road Trail Run just published their full official review. Read it in it's full glory HERE.  Update 3/14/18: Road Trail Run just published a piece written by Estelle-Marie Kieffer sharing [...]

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