2018 Salomon Snowcross Relays

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This past weekend we spent Saturday afternoon helping the Catamount Ultra Events crew at the Salomon Snowcross Relays which were held on the beautiful trails of the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. Snowcross is a unique combination of nordic skiing and trail running that's popular in Europe, but doesn't exist here in the U.S... Yet! Being a relatively new event format, we really weren't sure what to expect.  Now, the official title for the event is "Salomon Snowcross Relays", and you might assume that as a relay you'd be required to compete with a partner. But... You'd be wrong. Individuals were welcome to compete on their own, and a more appropriate title might be "Snowcross Duathlon" or just "Snowcross".  This particular event had [...]

Interview With Will Robens & Salomon Snowcross Relays

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  The last couple of season's Salomon has been testing out a pretty awesome race format called Snowcross. Snowcross combines running and XC skiing into one fun and exciting event. Since this type of event is so new here in the U.S. and because there is a Snowcross race taking place on Saturday, January 6th at the Trapp Family Lodge... We sat down with Will Robens from Catamount Ultra Events to learn more!       So tell us about your upcoming event? What is snowcross? Is this another one of those awesome European events that the US has been slow to catch on to? The Salomon Snowcross Relays is a winter endurance challenge. The event will begin with one ski leg, then enter a transition zone where [...]

New Snowcross Event At The Trapp Family Lodge

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Our friends over at Catamount Ultra Events are partnering with with Salomon to host a Snowcross Relay at the Trapp Family Lodge on Saturday, January 6th! This is a fun event where skiers can try winter trail running, and runners can try nordic skiing... Or do both! You can compete as an individual or as a team of two on a short (2.5k run/2.5k ski) or long (5k run/5k ski) course.  We have to say... This event looks like a lot of fun. We love running, but we also like to ski, and combining these two things seems like a recipe for a great time.  Click Here To Learn More & To Register