Hello World!

We hope this finds everyone well. We figured we should get something up while we work on a few things.

If everything goes well the Vermont Running Company will soon be a real thing. It’ll be… It is… a collaboration between two friends who have spent the last 10+ years working in the recreation, outdoor, and non-profit worlds. When we step back and look at Vermont’s recreation landscape, we see a community of individuals who love to be outside exploring and experiencing the world around them. We also see a lot of very dedicated organizations working hard to improve the quantity and quality of the outdoor resources here in Vermont.

We want #VTRunCo to be a bridge between these two groups… the users and the doers. We know firsthand how hard it is working at one of these organizations trying to balance time spent looking for money/support vs time spent doing actual work on the ground. Our hope is that by providing high quality goods/services and reliable, straightforward information with no BS that the community here will support us enough that we can pay our bills and give back to those who are making Vermont a better and more fun place to live.

Less Asking… More Doing… A Better Experience For All… That’s Our Goal.

Stay tuned… there is so much more coming!

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Train Smart. Run Well. Do Good.