Welcome to the first post in our Favorite Run Series!

Vermont has an abundance of beautiful places to run, and today we are going to visit Mt Mansfield. Mt Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont and has a number of trails that climb up, plunge down, and wind around the area. It’s close to Burlington, and if visiting from outside the area, should be on your short list of places to explore.

This particular outing starts in the parking lot at the Stevensville trailhead in Underhill, VT then follows the Frost Trail up and over to the CCC Road, then up the Halfway House Trail. From here we traverse just below the ridgeline on Canyon Extension North before bumping up to the ridgeline and following the Long Trail for a bit to the entrance to the Subway Trail. The Subway is relatively short section of trail, but it’s super cool and has amazing views. After finishing the Subway we got up on the ridge again and followed the Long Trail to the Butler Lodge Trail. At this point you are almost done with less than 2 miles of downhill running left.

If you’re looking to get in some vert and enjoy technical terrain you’ll love this loop. It’s ~9 miles long, with just over 3200 feet of climbing, and you really can’t beat the scenery and the views. If you’re not from the area you should definitely consider tacking on a trip to the true summit of Mt Mansfield which will add ~0.4 miles each way.

On Mt Mansfield there are a number of trailheads to start from. However, we like the Stevensville Trailhead because there is no fee, and there is typically plenty of space in the parking lot. The route outlined above is just one of many options. You can easily go longer, shorter, easier, or harder if you want. Just pickup a map and get out there.

Notice: The terrain on Mt Mansfield can be very challenging and technical… Especially when wet or in the fall when leaves can obscure and retain water. Be prepared to move slower than you might be used to.

Train Smart. Run Well. Do Good.