MSR Trailshot Compact Water Filter Review

Weight: 142g/5oz
Flow Rate: 1 Liter/Min
Filter Life: 2000 Liters (replaceable)
Filter Pore Size: 0.2 Microns
MSRP: $49
More Info:

The MSR Trailshot is a very compact water filter that works well for individuals, and is great option for small groups. There are quite a few other reviews out there that dig into the details. A couple of options are here, and here

I picked up the MSR Trailshot last year to carry with me on long days here in the Green Mountains and as a lightweight and compact water filtration option for fastpacking. Overall it’s been a great addition to my kit. It fits easily in the rear stretch pocket of my running vest and allows me to carry (2) 500ml bottles up front and I’m good… so long as there are water sources on my route.

Last year on the Juan de Fuca trail my friend Justin and I utilized the Trailshot and it was perfect in this situation. Water sources were readily available on trail and the Trailshot allowed us to stop anytime we were getting low and refill. It was also nice to be able to drink directly from the filter as we could take in water during these breaks and leave with our bottles full. 

I do think there are probably better options for the solo traveler. For instance the Sawyer Micro Squeeze is half the weight and more compact. If you were on your own it might make a better option. But, when you start adding people the Trailshot starts to make more sense, and for 2-3 people it’s just about perfect. 

Overall our experience has been nothing but positive and we’d definitely buy the MSR Trailshot again. It’s not the smallest or the lightest, but it is versatile, and we’re looking forward to using it on future running and fastpacking trips, and putting it to use while bikepacking. If you’re in the market for filter that won’t weigh you down and can produce clean water quickly give the MSR Trailshot a look. 

Here you can see just how small the MSR Trailshot is. It’s small size makes it easy to slip into a pocket so you can have clean water when you’re out exploring.

The Trailshot fits nicely in your hand, doesn’t require a lot of effort, and produces a decent volume of water with each squeeze.

The pickup line is not overly long which helps keep the entire kit compact. That said, we haven’t yet found ourselves doing any kind of weird stream-side yoga in order to access water.

All packed up and ready for our the next adventure.