Fastpacking – What Is It & How Do You Do It?

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If you visit your favorite search engine and type in the phrase – What Is Fastpacking? – you’ll likely come across definitions stating something like: Fastpacking is the intersection of trail running and backpacking. Here at the VTRunCo we feel that definition doesn’t tell the whole story. In our minds fastpacking is not, and cannot, be defined by the gear or gait used. We like to think of fastpacking as a multi-day adventure completed in as little time as possible through the application of various weight saving and efficient travel strategies. This means you do not necessarily have to run to fastpack, nor do you have to be an ultralight, carbon-loving, gram-counter to be a fastpacker. Fastpacking is as simple as intending to finish a [...]

Imposter Syndrome

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  This won't be a long post, I just want to take a brief moment to talk about a feeling that a lot of us probably feel. The feeling that we're not good enough, that we're an outsider, that we don't belong. Imposter Syndrome is when a person lacks confidence in themselves and worries that they'll soon be discovered to be a fraud. This is a feeling we've all felt and I'm here to tell you that it's totally and completely normal... At least I hope it is. This feeling of not being worthy is something I have experienced often in my work life and feel constantly in my running life, and it's something I feel every time I post on this site. I [...]

Winter Running: Keeping Your Hands Warm

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Left To Right: CAMP Wind Mitten, BD Stance Gloves, BD Midweight Softshell Glove, BD Lightweight Softshell Glove Earlier this winter we covered layering strategies for winter running, but more recently we've been seeing quite a few questions about how to keep your hands warm when out running in frigid temps. A lot of the advice offered online has been relatively generic and because a phrase like "Heavy Mittens" means something different to someone living in Northern Minnesota than it does to someone living in Georgia we thought we'd share some specifics. Here in Vermont we've recently been spending a lot of time in single digit and negative temps so we've had plenty of opportunities to work on our systems.  Before we get [...]

Winter Running: Traction Devices

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  As a runner in Vermont winters can be a bit of a conundrum. On one hand it can be amazing as all of the sidewalks and bike paths turn into "trails", and the many technical mountain routes actually smooth out and become runnable once all the boulders and ankle breaking rocks are covered in snow. On the other hand, the weather goes through this constant roller coaster of temperatures meaning ice is something we are more than familiar with. This also means that if you want to continue to enjoy running you either need to get familiar with the treadmill, or figure out a way to keep yourself rubber side down when running outside.  If you're like us and prefer your runs with [...]

Winter Running: Layering Strategies

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It's December here in the Northeast and very recently the cold weather finally settled in. When the temps dip it can be quite challenging to maintain the motivation required to get out for your run. Well, we're here to tell you that cold weather is nothing to be afraid of, and with a little planning and layering know-how you might actually discover you really enjoy running in the cold.  First let's cover some basics. In the context of this article "cold weather" refers to anytime the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Also, please keep in mind that everyone and every situation is unique and some experimentation is going to be necessary before your cold weather running system is completely dialed. Below are some general [...]