Pacific Northwest Sail-Running Adventure: Failure On The Juan De Fuca Trail

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Preface: I wasn't going to post anything about this trip because it did not turn out as I had hoped. I had high expectations related to my performance and related to the visual content I was hoping to produce. After reflecting for a bit I have decided to share my experience because it's often in failure that we learn the most.  Early last year I started scheming. I have 4 brothers and two of them live in Seattle. They recently purchased a sailboat and have been learning how to sail. After confirming they could get the boat safely out of the marina and back, I proposed the idea of sailing to Vancouver Island so I could do some trail running. I have wanted to [...]

We’re Going To Iceland… You Should Come!

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Come To Iceland With Us! One of the reasons my partner and I created the Vermont Running Company was to help others get outside and put all of that running fitness to use. So many people run to race, or run to lose weight... But there's so much more you can do! All of the time and energy you've spent building your fitness can be used to cover more ground, see more, and experience more than the average person... And we want to show you what's possible by showing your around Iceland!  Iceland is an incredibly beautiful place and is relatively easy to get to from the East Coast. Our plan is to travel there for a long week to fastpack the Laugavegur and [...]