1. Tell us about your event. What is it? What makes it special?
There are two main events on Saturday, October 6th. One is the Coolidge 5K, which is a professionally timed road race for runners of all ages and abilities. The road race will cover the surrounding historic grounds, mostly on pavement and hard-packed dirt road, but also with about 25% over nicely mowed grassy meadow. That begins at 10am. The other event is the “I Do Not Choose to Run” 1-Mile Walk, so named after Coolidge’s famous terse statement about his decision not to run for reelection in 1928. The walk begins at 11am. We think it is a very special event! It is one of only a handful of road races that take place on Presidential sites. Also, everyone gets a Coolidge water bottle! 
2. What’s the purpose of the event? Is it a for-profit venture, is there a charitable component, something else?
This is a fun community building event for the Coolidge Foundation, which is a not-for-profit charitable foundation. Any proceeds will go to benefit our various educational programs, which include college scholarships for students and debate tournaments for high school students.
3. So tell a little more about the race? How does it work? Who is it for?
The race and the walk are for everyone, regardless of age or experience. People are invited to take part in both events–a single $20 registration gets entrance to both. Finally, for kids 12 and under, we will have a special 100-yard “Plug Hat Race” in which kids will wear an old-time bowler hat and sprint across the lawn. 
4. Any tips, tricks, or suggestions that might help ensure a successful race? What should participants know?
Participants should know that whether they do the 5K or the 1-Mile Walk (or both), a small portion of it will be on grass. It is not a trail run by any means, but a small portion over grass will get you an up-close view of the beautiful Vermont foliage. For the 5K, get there early; registration will open at 9am. Also, plan to stay after the race and partake in the Plymouth Notch Antique Apple Festival, also on site! One more thing: we will also be awarding prizes, including $100 cash prizes for the top male and top female finisher, and general raffle prizes for other attendees. 
5. Where can one go to learn more and to sign up?  
The official sign up page with more details is here:

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