2017 Salomon Sense Ride

Shoe Type: All-around Trail
Weight: 275g
Drop: 8mm
Stack: 27mm Heel, 19mm Forefoot
MSRP: $120

The Salomon Sense Ride is a new a new and exciting addition to Salomon’s Sense lineup. It comes hot on the heals of the S-Lab Sense Ultra which has been one Salomon’s most popular and well received shoes in some time. We reviewed it here and think it’s one of our favorite trail running shoes of all time. So, how does that Sense Ride hold up? Does it really provide S-lab performance at quality at a lower more reasonable price?

The Quick Version

When we first learned about the Sense Ride we were super excited. It sounded like a great shoe with great features that would be perfect for the types of terrain that we encounter here in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They’re not the lightest shoes out there, but they’re pretty dang versatile. They have performed remarkably on steep, rocky, and rooted trails. They work well when it’s wet draining well, drying quickly, and not getting sloppy. They can handle the occasional stretch of pavement without batting an eye, and they’re well priced. All said, if you’re looking for versatile trail running shoe you should definitely check out the Sense Ride. However, it’s not for everyone and we do have a few concerns. Continue below for additional details.


These shoes fit similarly to the other Salomon shoes we have in our closet. I’m currently running in a pair of Sense Ultras in size 10.5, and the 10.5 Sense Ride fits similarly well. The Sense Ride borrows the Endofit sleeve from the S-lab lineup. This sleeve is basically a stretchy tongue that wraps around your foot holding it securely in the heel pocket and keeping your foot from moving around inside the shoe. It’s quite effective and the added security really increases confidence when moving on steep, uneven terrain.

When it comes to volume the Sense Ride seems to have more volume than the other Salomon shoes in our stable, especially over the toes. It’s not that the shoe is wider, it’s that there is more vertical height. We’re not sure if this is a good or bad thing, and is probably something to test on your own. Personally, the additional height does not work for me. The extra height allows my toes to move up and down inside the shoe and this has consistently caused blisters on my little toes. No adjustments I have made have been able to resolve this issue, and at this time I’ve been taping my little toes so that I can continue to run in these shoes.

The heel fit on the Sense Ride is great. It’s similar to the Sense Ultra, but with just a touch more padding. It’s secure without rubbing, and has stayed comfortable whether dry or wet.

Upper Quality & Performance

The upper on the Sense Ride seems to be well made. The mesh is soft and flexible, but has proven durable. The overlays are minimal, but provide adequate security. It breathes, drains well, and dries quickly. It compares very well against the upper on the Sense Ultra, however some of the overlays on the Sense Ride have started to delaminate. It hasn’t affected the performance or fit, but it’s not exactly a good sign. My Sense Ultra’s have many more more miles on them and are holding up better.


The Sense Ride outsole uses Salomon’s Premium Wet Traction Contragrip. This is the same stuff used on the S-Lap shoes and it’s awesome. The lugs are a good all-around design. There are enough of them, and they’re deep enough to provide great grip in all but the muddiest conditions. The spacing is good and they clear mud pretty well. Also, they are flat and not so far apart that they still run comfortably on the occasional road, sidewalk, or bike path. We have no complaints here. The outsole on the Sense Ride is one of the best performing out there. It inspires confidence in technical conditions and is holding up and wearing well. Here you are definitely getting the best of what Salomon has to offer with no compromises.


The Sense Ride features an 8mm drop with 25mm of cushion in the heel and 17mm in the forefoot. It also utilizes Salomon’s Vibe Technology. And, while I can’t speak specifically about whether the Vibe tech makes a difference, the Sense Ride is a very comfortable, well cushioned shoe. I’ve been happy on short, quick outings, and on longer efforts in the mountains. Again, were in the goldilocks zone here… not too little, not too much… Just right.

Final Thoughts

I want to love the Salomon Sense Ride, and in a lot of ways I do, but having to tape my toes for any run over 3-4 miles really detracts from the experience. Also, I have some concerns over the durability and quality of the upper. After very few miles I started to see some separation. So far it hasn’t had any negative effects, but it’s definitely not up to the same standards as the S-Lab shoes.

For me the S-Lab Sense Ultra is the better shoe. It fits my foot better and is more precise, and has been such a incredible shoe that I can justify the extra $60.

However, you should definitely try this shoe. It really does offer a lot of value, and if it fits your foot well both you and your wallet are going to be very happy!

Purchasing Information

If you’re interested in purchasing this shoe, please first check availability at your local, independently owned running specialty store. They need your business and are a great resource for the community.

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