2018 Sketchers GoRun 6

Shoe Type: Road shoe – Neutral Trainer
Weight: 6.7 oz
Drop: 4mm
Stack: 20 mm (Heel), 16 mm (Forefoot)
MSRP: $100

Like many runners out there, there is a lot about Skechers producing performance running shoes that seems a bit off. Being an 80’s baby, I remember Skechers as the skate shoe, goofy platform shoe company that became really obnoxious with the advent of the Shape-ups. But here I am, writing a review about a Skechers Performance running shoe, and I can tell you unequivocally, “I like this shoe!”.

Now there are certainly things that I think can improve. Its by no means my favorite shoe out there, but the GoRun 6 is a lightweight, comfortable, fast feeling shoe that is certainly on my short list for my next road race. So lets dive in to some of the specifics of this shoe.



Fit & Upper

The most noticeable part of this shoe is the trend-forward flat-knit upper and knit collar, which provides is an even, sock-like compression across the entire fore-foot and instep. With a number of brands sizing being very wonky this past year, the GoRun seems to fit true to size, while on the medium to low side for volume and width. However, if you have a slightly boxy foot like me, this knit is super forgiving. 

One of my immediate concerns about the fit was the heel-cup. When I first put the shoe on, the heel felt a bit in-secure. It seemed as though the knit collar took away some hight to the structured portion of the heel counter. My concern was slightly compounded with the fact that the lace loops are also knit and woven into the upper. When you really draw down on the laces there is a lot of flexibility to the system, which doesn’t allow you to really crank down on the laces. Without an additional upper eyelet, I couldn’t make my usual marathon knot, which is my go-to for securing a slippery feeling heel.

With that being said, once I hit the road in these shoes, the heel became a non issue. I think that the overall flexibility of the shoe eliminated the anticipated movement in the heel, and gave the shoe a great feel. As I continue to put miles in these shoes, my focus will certainly be on the durability of the upper, and any loss in compression as the shoe wears… Stay tuned!

Midsole & Outsole

This shoe uses Skechers FLIGHT-GEN foam which is touted as having the perfect balance of durability, cushion, and responsiveness. I will say, this shoe is extremely light, and provides a good amount of cushion. It’s not as responsive as I prefer, as I typically look for a slightly firmer midsole in my fast training shoes. What I do like is the lower (4mm) drop which makes it feel fast. 

The outsole has a bit more coverage than some “fast & light” road shoes, and gives me some hope that it will hold up well. The rubber is quite soft and provides more than adequate grip on typical paved and dirt roads. 


Final Thoughts

I am typically a guy who is drawn towards light, fast, simple shoes for training and racing. It’s partially my running style but also the aesthetic. This shoe combines a lot of things that I like in a road shoe, and I especially like that it makes you want to run fast. While I initially had concerns about the heel counter, I was pleasantly surprised by the security of the shoe overall. As the upper stretches and wears that might change a bit, but so far so good! 

Light, Cushioned, & Fast
Comfortable sock-like upper
True to size                                               

Questionable Durability
Slightly overselling the “responsiveness”

Overall, I am very excited to put some more miles in this shoe, especially on my tempo and track days. I am hoping this shoe will be the one I grab on race day this spring, but there is some stiff competition with some other great shoes currently in my rotation!