Review: Enerskin E75 Compression Shorts

What: A compression short with integrated silicone support tape
Cost: $150
Manufacturer: Enerskin

Lately we’ve been running in an interesting product from the team over at Enerskin – The E75 Compression Shorts. Enerskin compression gear isn’t your typical compression clothing. Their clothing combines graduated compression with silicone support strips meant to mimic the effects of kinesio tape. 

Compression gear is said to improve performance by holding the muscles in place and improve blood flow. Kinesio Tape is said to alleviate pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, accelerate recovery, prevent muscle cramping, and support injured muscles and joints without affecting range of motion. 

So together, a short that combines compression and kinesio tape should be pretty amazing right? 

Well, I’m not here to tell you that these shorts are a magic bullet that will cure all that ails you. The truth is no substantial evidence exists to verify any of the above claims, and unfortunately my dad bod is not such a finely tuned machine as to be able to identify any advantage or performance increase due to wearing the E75 Shorts. 

That said… I do like running in them. The E75 Shorts are very comfortable once on, and they appear to be made very well. They are a pretty tough to get on as the silicone strips do not get along with my hairy legs. But once on they provide many of the same benefits other compression shorts provide… a close/supportive fit, minimum chafing, moisture management, etc… 

Do we recommend the E75 Compression Short? It depends. 

If you’re someone that has a minimum of hair on your legs and has experienced benefits from wearing compression gear or using kinesio tape than you should definitely check these out. If you’re someone who’s skeptical of these types of remedies than you probably should pass. 

If you want to try a pair of the E75 Shorts or any of Enerskin’s other products use the code Enerskin10  for 10% off products purchased on

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